Headshot Marathon in Hackettstown!

Headshot Marathon in Hackettstown!

Headshots you don’t hate!

Do you dread getting your photo taken?

You need a portrait that shows you in your best light. With Melissa Milano Photography you don’t have to worry that you’ll waste time and money on yet another photo session where you hate your portraits. If you’ve never loved a headshot before, I am the photographer for you! From just an image or two through an entire personal branding session, we will make sure you never have to settle for a headshot or profile picture you hate again!

We understand it’s hard to trust that you’ve found the right photographer who will take the time to help your personality and favorite features shine.

That’s why we’ve created an expert, guided process start to finish – so you can look and feel your best every time.

1- IN HOUSE MAKEUP.  (Even for guys!) Our extremely TALENTED in-house make-up artist Sarah sets our portrait sessions far ahead of the pack. From natural to glam, on all skin types, tones and, genders she will bring your best features forward. Her most favorite part of the session? When you walk up to the mirror for the first time to see if there’s any touch ups, and all you can do is admire yourself with a “WOW.” 

2 – PROFESSIONAL POSING GUIDANCE. Unless you are a professional model, your job is not posing to look good. MY JOB is to pose you to look good. Throughout our session you will be guided professionally into poses that flatter all figure types. Have you ever thought “I just need to lose another 20 pounds, then I’ll be ready.” I’m here to tell you that I’m good for 20+ pounds in proper posing. I’ve got you every step of the way. 

3 – SAME DAY IMAGE REVEALS. The last part is the best part, and maybe even the hardest part. Narrowing down your images to your absolute favorites. We always strive to make portraits that you love every single one of. With Melissa Milano Photography, you only purchase the images that you LOVE and nothing more. We also do not lock you into a set number of images beforehand. You can buy 1 or you can buy fifty, the choice is yours.

Sound amazing? Scroll down to fill out a contact form to schedule a call. I’d love to speak with you to make your next session your favorite session.

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