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Family Portrait Christmas

Exist in Pictures, Mom

One day your children will go looking for pictures of you. What will they find?Digital files are not archival. They do not stand the test of time. Think of the media we’ve used in the last 20 years. Do you have a CD drive anymore? DVD drive? USB’s are about to be phased out. Who knows what is next and where our current files will go. Your phone may host THOUSANDS of pictures of beautiful moments (and food, not so beautiful moments, a handful of tantrums, and your dog) but when your children are grown, WHERE will those images be? Simply put, we don’t know.

My mission at Melissa Milano Photography, beyond taking beautiful portraits that exceed your every expectation, is to bring us back to print again. To give you beautiful Wall Art, a gorgeous Album, or a stunning Folio Box to house your most prized portraits. You can look at them daily, weekly, monthly, and your children will always know where to find them. Best of all, they will always know where to find a portrait of their FAVORITE person; You.

If your goal is the same as mine, please fill out my contact form below to get started. Let’s work together to make the best Family Portraits you have ever had. 

Family Portrait Christmas
Couple with Dog
Engagement, Black & White, Waterloo
Couple Portrait Hug
Family Photo with Baby
Baby Family Kiss Portrait
Baby Sitting Portrait Sitter

Session fees start at $690 and include a $500 image credit, style & concept consultation, in studio or on location session and professional makeup for 1 or 2 people. Images start at $190 each.

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