Nine Important Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer

We all know that newborn photographers help preserve this fleeting moment in time, but there are a few very important questions that often get overlooked when searching for a photographer. While I would be honored for you to choose me, Melissa Milano Photography, to document this momentous time in your life, I understand that for various reasons you may decide to opt for another photographer. It is important to me that all people, clients or not, make their decision on a Newborn Photographer armed with knowledge and the right questions to ask, beyond the first that always comes to mind; What are your prices?

Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer

1. How many years have you been working as a newborn photographer and approximately how many babies have you handled up to this point?

You will want to know if your baby’s session is an experience building session and set your expectations from there. It is absolutely true that all photographers start somewhere, but if you have a very specific vision for how your images should look, you will want to hire a photographer with experience. I have been studying newborn photography since 2016 and my own daughter was my first newborn. I cherish her pictures, but I DEFINITELY should have hired someone to do them! Over 7 years and dozens of babies later and I can happily say I have photographed a lot more babies and each one have learned something from!

2. Have you received any newborn specific posing training and with whom did you train? How will you protect my baby against positional asphyxiation, overheating, and hyperextension of their joints?

Your new baby (or babies!) is the most important and most fragile person in your life. These tiny babies have been through a lot in the first few weeks of life, and you want to be sure that whoever handles them understands newborn physiology and safety.

I have taken 4 different newborn safety courses and stay up to date on best practices in newborn posing and safety. I do not do any poses that will put a baby in danger of injury or that they are obviously uncomfortable with due to any reason.

3. What are the safety practices you have in place in your studio specifically geared towards the newborn client?

You will want to be sure that your photographer is aware of signs of overheating, proper range of motion of joints such as shoulders hips and of course babies neck, which can be hyperextended by unknowing, but well meaning photographers who have not been properly safety trained.

4. Will my newborn be supported by human hands in all upright positions as well as any poses requiring suspension?

Some poses need to be composites for safety reasons. You want your photographer or a spotter always supporting your baby for proper airway and fall safety in any pose that requires an upright position, such as Froggy and Upright Potato.

5. Do you work with an assistant or provide spotters at your newborn sessions? If not, will you allow me to spot my baby during a session?

This is self explanatory, but very important. Most sessions I will have an assistant on sight, but if she is unable to be there I will ask Mom or Dad to spot baby when needed.

6. What will happen in the case of illness, your own or otherwise?

Your baby’s immune system is brand new. If your photographer is sick, make sure you are able to reschedule. Likewise if you are showing signs of illness, please let your photographer know so they can make a decision on whether it is best to reschedule. After all, we see babies often and would not want to endanger our other tiny clients.

7. Are you insured?

Nobody wants to think of reasons why insurance may be needed, but it is there for a reason. Make sure your photographer has proper business liability insurance and if they are doing a session in your home, that it covers them in your home.

8. Can you point me towards online resources from which I can learn about safe practices when photographing newborns?

A fully informed client is a great client! I will happily point you in the direction of online resources that will empower you to make the best decisions for you and your family.

9. Are you a member of an organization or association directly servicing newborn photographers and their educational needs?

These associations are helpful in keeping photographers up to date on new research and best practices.

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